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From pilots for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Founded 2017, out of a passion for aviation and bracelets we created our company EIGHT8R. Parallel to our pilot jobs we set up with the start up phase. Derived from AVIATOR (AV8R), or colloquially EIGHTOR, our company name EIGHT8R as well as our product names were created. After a long planning stage, long product development and with the task to create something special with reference to aviation, we brought our AV8R to life and launched it at the beginning of November. Composed out of Carbon, which is typically used in aircraft construction, and a very tear resistant parachute cord our AV8R stands out through a very good stability, handiness and explicitely aviation related materials.  With a very fast pace our range of products grew with our JET8R as well as our SILVER COLLECTION and WOMEN's bracelets. Consequently our team and office grew as well. Launched at our private dining table, it was quickly clear, that our distribution and production outgrew our structure. Therefore we moved into a new office and were looking for employees. More products from bag tags to special editions are currently in development and will be released soon. Story to be continued.


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